Sunday, March 20, 2022

Elephant Garlic (Allium amperloprasum)

 March 20, 2022


Ottawa, ON, Canada

Yesterday, I was at Produce Depot and I found a garlic - marked Elephant Garlic. I've hear of it, but never planted one. Being Asian, I love my garlic strong and I've heard that this garlic is quite mild. And DNA wise, this type of garlic is close relative of leeks instead of garlic. 

But then, I am curious, the size of this bulb is that of a tennis ball. So here are the pictures and I will plant these at the farm, and see what happens. 

Plant culture wise, it grows like garlic. So I will plant these, and report back. 

The label: Auerbach, Auerpack  -117 Seaview Drive, NJ - I check the website, it looks like the company is a packing and trucking company which is a good combination. 

(1 bulb, net wet 3 oz) 


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