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Diversity by Design - A small scale farmer workshop hosted by Dr. Kelly Bronson of Ottawa University - Digital Technology

Diversity by Design 2023 March 18th
hosted by Dr. Kelly Bronson of Ottawa University

Small Scale Farming and Digital Technologies

the worskshop was information and it is a day discussion of the actuatl technologies use by small scale farmers. These narrow down to 10 acres small farms which are selling direct to consumers. While we may not have huge government contract, we are feeding the 100 mile diet within our community, thus the importance of local farmers are highlighted in this group. 
we have small scale garlic growers, greenhouse growers, herbs, and CSA ( community supported agriculture) delivering weekly  vegetables to consumers. 
we are looking at simple technologies - such as electronic spreadsheet to modern applications and invoicing systems, that help farmers manage the farm as a business. 
What we find out that we are not alone in our struggles of keeping up records of our planting schedules, harvest schedules, delivery to customer, accounting and banking records. 
There are applications out there, that are way too big for our operations and farmers are making creative solutions to keep up with the basic farm operations. 
most of the financial systems are not set up for smaller operations, thus is limits funding available especially to start up farmers which are less than 5 years old. 
what we learned from this session is that growing pains apply to farming small scale, just like we have to wait for 5 years for our fruit trees to bear. 
patience is your best friends
mother nature may have mercy on our farming vocation...


2022 Storm Derecho

 May 21, 2022 Saturday

 Storm Derecho hit Ottawa City Ontario. We were affected with damages. 

We just moved to the farm house on May 1, so we have not unpack yet. It was a bit of chaos, and we navigate it through. Our roof was partially off, the barn was totalled - totally destroyed and lots of trees fall. We did not get our power back until June 30th. We camped out and thank goodness it was summer. 

Leftover stump of the barn - its totally destroyed, there is no fixing this one

we lost the part of the roof, and that opens to our living room and kitchen

The maple tree 1. 0 at the back of the barn - this one took me 2 days to take out limbs and clear a bit of path

Maple tree number 2.0 - Uprooted and destroyed the neighbors fence

"we are all safe, except it scared the kids. It was saturday and it was a nice day, i was out with Kyle doing delivery. Kieren just texted us that the roof is gone, the barn is gone, then we hear the news. Im sure it was just shocked and scared for the kids, and to me, I just shake my head. Oh well, we can rebuild as long as we are alive', but totally, it came with financial loses for the farm. Supplies were delayed, planting was not done, so we lost a good season, and we are really struggling.  But, life goes on, one foot in front of the other" . 
we are grateful for everyone who feed us, give us support and camaraderie, give us smiles, hugs and hopes. A year later, we are still here, and we have many reflections and changes of the goals we made, from moving into the farm house to other ways of farming practices in a sustainable, organic homestead. 

The strongest derecho storm in Canada this century occurred on May 21, 2022. The storm hit Southern Ontario and Quebec, causing widespread damage along a path that extended for 620 milesThe winds peaked at 190 km/h in Ottawa, which is one of the most impactful thunderstorms in Canadian history 12The storm caused unprecedented levels of destruction and loss, killing at least 10 people 1.

One year after the derecho, this man still has a hole in his roof — and no repair in sight | CBC News

Friday, April 1, 2022

The Planting of Spring Garlic 2022

 Wednesday April 27, 2022

It is great to go outdoors midweek, and I went to the farm to get some fresh air. 

I had opened the Purple Glazer Garlic - these was the last batch of our harvest from last year. To my surprise, they kept very well, in my cool basement. Some varieties did not do well, and it shriveled. 

                                                             cloves of the purple glazer garlic

                     using 1020 tray to plant garlic greens - ( re-used from last year) fits 20-25 pcs per tray

                                  i finished planting, and Kyle help me put snow over the trays (12 of them) 

So, I will check them out next week! 

Sunday, March 20, 2022

Elephant Garlic (Allium amperloprasum)

 March 20, 2022


Ottawa, ON, Canada

Yesterday, I was at Produce Depot and I found a garlic - marked Elephant Garlic. I've hear of it, but never planted one. Being Asian, I love my garlic strong and I've heard that this garlic is quite mild. And DNA wise, this type of garlic is close relative of leeks instead of garlic. 

But then, I am curious, the size of this bulb is that of a tennis ball. So here are the pictures and I will plant these at the farm, and see what happens. 

Plant culture wise, it grows like garlic. So I will plant these, and report back. 

The label: Auerbach, Auerpack  -117 Seaview Drive, NJ - I check the website, it looks like the company is a packing and trucking company which is a good combination. 

(1 bulb, net wet 3 oz) 


Monday, February 21, 2022

Garlic Sprouts

 February 22, 2022

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

I have no shortage of garlic, in fact my small to medium sizes are here in the basement. During winter season, I made some garlic sprouts, I used them to flavour soups, stir fries, and mix with scrambled egg. 

If you need some locally grown garlic, I sell them for 4 for 5$ or a 2lb bag at 25$. 

I used a regular glass, poured some pebbles or sand will do. I add some water. I made it so the garlic is sitting on top of the water, the roots usually go down to get the water. Once the water get low, i just added water. 

Note: make sure your garlic is sitting on top of water - not swimming in water, because it will rot. 

Location: Sweet William Farms 139 March Rd, Kanata, ON K2P 0P2

Instagram: sweetwilliamfarm

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Our shopify store - Check it out!

 February 9, 2022 (Wednesday)

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


Last year, we tried so hard to become digital citizens, to be able to put our store online so that it can display our products while we are working in the field. 

We have a Digital Marketing Specialist that helped us created the website. We are farmers, and we are trying to learn. The shelves are designed and we have meetings online. 

So, this is the result of the effort, we are not sure if it works fine, but try it out. Order a pack of seeds, and see what happens. 

If you have any questions, you can reach us at

Friday, December 31, 2021

Beans, Pole Beans - and Plan for 2022 Season

 Ottawa City, Ontario Canada

December 31, 2022

I would like to continue planting beans in the farm, as I grow first what I eat. I like stir fry beans, and boiled beans, and bean soup for winter. 

Diversity by Design - A small scale farmer workshop hosted by Dr. Kelly Bronson of Ottawa University - Digital Technology

Diversity by Design 2023 March 18th hosted by Dr. Kelly Bronson of Ottawa University Small Scale Farming and Digital Technologies the worsks...