Saturday, September 5, 2020

Beans - a bumper crop, garden map added

 The beans were planted with tenacity, I meant in the heat with 3 inches long. The deer patrolled the area, well...they never ate any. if the did, i never notice. the deer favors the lettuce and beets  in the hill of rejects. they did not even bother with the ones in the ethnic gardens...its funny that is the closest access to them. It seems to me that "hill of rejects" is the new favorite place of theirs. 

i completed the handsketch of the garden areas, I was doing the proposal again and I figure why not

add the other components to it. its a rough draft but it gives ideas on where stuff are, so it is a good guide for everyone. 

The harvest and the giant zuchini for seeds

 There has been giant zucchini harvested - I meant 2 feet long, and there were suppose to be 6 inches, especially the yellow golden delight. Kyle has been making pun of it. 

the deema hybrid - a zucchini that was very prolific. I think its so huge, it looks like a squash, and i think it is pregnant and i can get seeds from it. 

it is a joy to behold - a smile in my face when I realize I have give myself permission to enjoy a well deserve harvest. I cook them with stir fries, and the kids nod and eat. 

 more pictures coming soon. 

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