Monday, February 21, 2022

Garlic Sprouts

 February 22, 2022

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

I have no shortage of garlic, in fact my small to medium sizes are here in the basement. During winter season, I made some garlic sprouts, I used them to flavour soups, stir fries, and mix with scrambled egg. 

If you need some locally grown garlic, I sell them for 4 for 5$ or a 2lb bag at 25$. 

I used a regular glass, poured some pebbles or sand will do. I add some water. I made it so the garlic is sitting on top of the water, the roots usually go down to get the water. Once the water get low, i just added water. 

Note: make sure your garlic is sitting on top of water - not swimming in water, because it will rot. 

Location: Sweet William Farms 139 March Rd, Kanata, ON K2P 0P2

Instagram: sweetwilliamfarm

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Our shopify store - Check it out!

 February 9, 2022 (Wednesday)

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


Last year, we tried so hard to become digital citizens, to be able to put our store online so that it can display our products while we are working in the field. 

We have a Digital Marketing Specialist that helped us created the website. We are farmers, and we are trying to learn. The shelves are designed and we have meetings online. 

So, this is the result of the effort, we are not sure if it works fine, but try it out. Order a pack of seeds, and see what happens. 

If you have any questions, you can reach us at

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