Sunday, May 17, 2020

Farming Plans in times of COVID 19 & Community Farmers

Ottawa City, Ontario Canada
May 17, 2020

Sweet William Farms

Our progress report:

The simple plan is ever evolving, so come on and journey with us. This barren wasteland will be converted into thriving ecosystem of food and seeds.

 We bullet form them into parts:
  1. Pollinator Garden
  2. Food Bank Farm
  3.  Youth Farmers
  4. Children Lead Composting Station . Worm Feeding Station 
  5.  Hills of Rejects
  6.  Permaculture Initiative
  7. Food Forest 
  8. Herb Gardens
  9. Community Farmers of Kanata 
Yesterday, we manage to set up a temporary seedling shelter, a portable carport and Sweet William purchase a sweet red wagon to transport seedlings to our customers at the farm gate. 

Much to do, more sunsets to enjoy, challenges abound. 

I also added the City of Ottawa instructions for community gardens. Since our common plots are community farmers, we will follow COVID 19 Protocols to keep our community safe. It will be posted under Files on our Facebook group. 

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