Saturday, May 23, 2020

The Wind of Change at Sweet William Farms

May 23, 2020
Ottawa City, Ontario Canada

Sweet William Farms

We are now at Day 23 on the farm. Lots of Challenges we encounter, but one of them is wind. 
Our canopy has been blown twice and today, I saw small pots flying around. 

The shed bent down, the big umbrella fly off, it is one windy day.

Pots from table were flying!

This blue canopy was fix yesterday and now it is ready to fly again...

We have to adopt to this lands nature or we fail.  

Switch to Cucubitacaea and  Fabaceae family, Ipomea family. 

Anything Solanum may need to be sheltered and we do not have time. 

Time to re-evaluate, and switch to Plan B. 

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