Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Water - The Source of Life

Our Well - the Source of Life

Sweet William Farms
May 31, 2020

139 March Rd, Ottawa, ON
417 West -Exit at Eagleson between Corkstown Rd and Herzberg Rd. 

The last record of well located was in 2015. Five years later, we have a none functioning well, and we desperately needed water. I was loading water from home daily and we are out of our wits. We got 2 companies came to estimate the cost for pump and it was roughly 2K. 

Sweet William is handy, this is why we took this project together. It took 2 days driving from one end of the city to the outskirts to get the parts - and he made it work. 

So A+ to Sweet William, the plants will live!!!

Sweet William finally got the pump and got us water!!

Sweet William built a little shed over our generator. 

Note: Add to your COVID 19 farmers challenges: 

 1. SLOW or CLOSED: Stores to get our supplies are either close or operating on low capacity. 
2. Prices: Prices are way higher - lumber at Home Depot in particular was over our forecasted budget. 
3. Time Budget: The time spent on line-up and shopping - takes away our precious time when we could be working at the farm. 

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