Friday, October 9, 2020

Our Location: 139 March Rd, Ottawa, ON K2K 2E2 ( Where North Kanata Ends, and the farms begin to Appear)

 Our location has been a topic of conversation,  because it comes up so fast after you exit the highway. 

 If you are headed 417 West on the highways,  you exit Eagleson (Exit 138) towards March Rd.

Take EXIT 138 March Road (thats the right most lane)   then shortly after that, you will see the intersection of Corkstown Rd, do not turn right on Cortstown Rd, continue down March Rd then right turn to our gate, 139 March Rd. 

I have been told that the GPS marker takes you to Corkstown Rd, No...come back to March and keep driving. We are along March Road. 

If you miss our gate, you will hit the intersection of Herzberg Rd., just turn right on Herzberg, turn left into the Gilmore Parking lot, and come back. 

As the place was abandoned for sometime, the yellow house in this drawing burned down in 2013, people drive by past. 

The old barn is a marker, but then when you see it, you are almost about to pass it. You will drive towards Herzberg, turn right and make a loop turn on the traffic light and go back to March. Yes, I have done it before because I drive past. 

On google street view, the yellow road sign is visible that if you see it, SLOW DOWN, you are in our entrance. This is an old view where grass is really tall. We actually cut it down, mowed nicely and this is how our entrance look like now. 

This is me and Kyle in front of the barn. Beside us the the #139 road number. 

I hope this help you find us in Kanata. 

We have seed garlic - small in size that will give you medium size for next year. 

SEED GARLIC: We have garlic-hardneck -Purple stripe : Variety  "Purple Glazer " and "Duganski".  2$ each bulb or 3 for 5$. For home gardener, this will give you 20-25 garlic plants. 

Contact us now, at

Have the family plant garlic for Thanksgiving weekend. 


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