Friday, July 16, 2021

Season 2021 with Gratitude

 July 16, 2021, Friday

Ottawa City, Ontario, Canada

Let  us start with a BIG THANK YOU for all those who believe in us. 

High school students come to help plant the Foodbank Gardens. 

Community business and contractor friends brought some clean fill. 

Community Farm Section B was opened. We have 8 more families coming to garden and plant fresh produce for their families

 Our Childrens Garden is set up accross the Food Bank Garden - lots of potatoes for the kids. 

Our friend Carmen donated the Currant bushes, which is thriving.

Sundaura donated sour cherries for us, the Romeo and Juliet Series I believe. 

Our peach tree survived too, 2 of the 3 that Greta brought us, which was from Sundauras stock. 

Our 1$-2$ is still on if you need peppers, tomato, kale, basil, marigold, oregano. 

There is never enough time during the day - said every farmer, but hey, they wild pollinator gardens thrive. 

A better planet, a better way of growing food by enriching our soil and cleaning our water and air ecosystem. Noble goals, tough process. 

We love it all, the sweat, the dirt, the rashes and itch over tall weeds - it has been a journey!

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