Saturday, June 13, 2020

And its blowing in the Wind - Bean Poles at Children's Garden

June 12, 2020 
139 March Rd, Ottawa Ontario

Blowing in the Wind

A down day - literally, my bean poles went to the ground due to strong winds crushing my beans.

My spirit was flattened to the ground. The confidence hit the all-time low. Why? 

On significant note: 
Sweet William finished 2 herbs boxes. 
He finished putting wheel rollers for the gate.
He hauled compost to the front of the barn garden. 
-planted Cucumbers, Zucchini -Deema, Dunja and Golden Sunshine. 

And...he built the water tower on Thursday - for the Kanata Food Cupboard Plot.

And the Kanata Food Cupboard trap -  blown in the wind as well. Two big tarps that I set up for Cucurbita in the garden. So we haul water in home depot buckets to keep the tarp down. 

And the SALES table too, for vegetable seedlings and flowers? 
Blown-in the wind too. A pot of begonia just flies by Sweet William while he was building boxes. 

Are we in tornado alley? 

Who knew that wind is a significant factor in this garden? 

Maybe switch to all root crops until we find a solution to this wind problem?

The area is bald, deforested from both sides -north and south, east is the road and west is the greenbelt. This land is more challenging than I thought, and totally a barren wasteland. 

By the way, the barn is still standing - so, I guess that's good news!

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