Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Happy Canada Day 2020

July 1 2020
Ottawa City, Ontario Canada

We woke up early to water the plants. We spend sometime together, potting plants in our house, hoping to celebrate Canada Day in the farm. 

Not so fast....We got hit by heatwave and we got all tired. We got drinks and continue working on potting our plants in our house...ah! farmer life. 

However, we manage to take our Canada Day pictures!
Success! celebrate little victories, we manage to get 3 kids in canada day spirit of red shirt.

By 10pm, we were still in the backyard. The neighbors put fireworks, our kids watch over. That keeps them occupied. It was actually nice, we took 5 minutes break to see it. We use to drive far for fireworks, this year, multiple neighbors have fireworks.

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