Sunday, July 12, 2020

The Heatwave, The Failure and the Rain on July 11 Saturday

Sweet William Farms

July 11, 2020 Saturday

Address: 139 March Rd, Ottawa, ON K2k 2E2

417 West -Exit at Eagleson between Corkstown Rd and Herzberg Rd. 

It rained on July 11, it was a Saturday. We woke up and run to the farm to check it out. It may not be enough, but the plants looks nourish.

As mentioned, our beans and squash were toasted, there were few strugglers but over all the front garden is a failure except drought tolerant and native perennial that Angelina planted.

With low till practices, it needs much longer time to get results especially the farm is abandoned in the last 20 years.

We wanted to give up but our team and volunteers are not yet ready too.

They hustle to bring mulch and much needed support. Friends visit in person and cheers online to keep going. The planted perennial pollinator donations thrive. So why not?
Lets give it round 2, and see what happened.

This time we build big mounds of 6 ft with 1 ft height. It seems we buried something in there, but trust me, those were just swales of hugelkulture bed, that will help with water retention.

With the crew coming to help mulch, the Eco Farm will keep pushing it to regenerate this soil and this farm as a whole.

We are blessed!

Angelina and Kyle

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