Friday, April 1, 2022

The Planting of Spring Garlic 2022

 Wednesday April 27, 2022

It is great to go outdoors midweek, and I went to the farm to get some fresh air. 

I had opened the Purple Glazer Garlic - these was the last batch of our harvest from last year. To my surprise, they kept very well, in my cool basement. Some varieties did not do well, and it shriveled. 

                                                             cloves of the purple glazer garlic

                     using 1020 tray to plant garlic greens - ( re-used from last year) fits 20-25 pcs per tray

                                  i finished planting, and Kyle help me put snow over the trays (12 of them) 

So, I will check them out next week! 

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