Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Rain, Seedlings Growing ...finally!!! and Mighty 2 Zucchini Harvest and Farm Notes

August 12, 2020, Wednesday

Address: 139 March Rd, Ottawa, ON K2k 2E2 ( Big old Barn)

417 West -Exit at Eagleson between Corkstown Rd and Herzberg Rd. 

It's been a roller coaster, and it was a record breaking drought. Our Rideau Clay soil cracks and swallowed every little of farmer spirit I had. I fall down, hopeless, calling for help. 
The crew came and help me up, comes in cash, mulch and cheers for my tired spirit. 

The rain came, come really hard. and Now my seedlings are starting to grow. Its August and my seedlings are just starting. Well...better late than never. They will be cover crop --- these are opportunity for land remediation. 

There are success that I should tell you over and over again...because it defined us as farmers. 

Community Farmers coming together in the heat of July to help us mulch. 

Mai - fundraising for her birthday, which we use for water barrels and future "fall build" for rain harvesting compost system and youth skill building. 

Catherine Landry - who tirelessly send shouts outs - and support  every single day. 

It rained yesterday, I went out to get some supplies and back again. 

I just missed Johanna of NCC to visit our farm,  and see our work and probably take picture to send this farm for bidding again. 

Cara Leigh of the Food Bank - in Kanata is ready to accept our first produce of Food Bank Plot. 

The pollinator garden bed is thriving, bees we go. 

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